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Russ Becker Woodwinds stocks the Bauhaus Walstein Deluxe AI Bronze Series Saxophones. With superb intonation, a deep, warm and even tone, these beautiful bronze body saxophones are meticulously built with substantial gold lacquered keywork, blue steel needle springs, and high quality Italian leather pads. Alto and tenor models include high F# key, sopranos include high F# and a high G key.*
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Bauhaus Walstein

Deluxe AI Bronze
Series Alto

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Please contact Russ to order this Deluxe Bronze ALTO

as-pd deluxe bronze alto
Bauhaus AS-PD Deluxe Bronze Alto $795 + $50 S/H

Sold Out!
Please contact Russ to order this Deluxe Bronze Straight SOPRANO

bauhaus_sss_pd deluxe straight soprano
Bauhaus SSS-PD Deluxe Bronze Straight Soprano $950 + $50 S/H

Sold Out!
Please contact Russ to order this Deluxe Bronze TENOR

copy22_THIS THIS ONE TS-PD Deluxe Bronze Tenor
Bauhaus TS-PD Deluxe Bronze Tenor $1250 + $45 S/H

When I began to import the Bauhaus Walstein Deluxe Bronze Series saxophones in early 2010, my primary objective was to make these beautiful, durable and great playing horns available to advancing and deserving students that are not in a position to spend a fortune on a name brand professional model saxophone. 

In that regard I've been successful, but, ironically, far more of my many happy customers these last few years have been seasoned players, both amateur and professional. 

I continue to stock the Deluxe Bronze Series and make them available at the best price on the market.  I can special order any of the Bauhaus products, including their M2 Pro Series models. 

For detailed information and specs on the Bauhaus Walstein line of Saxophones, I suggest you visit


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Instruments will be shipped only to residential/business addresses in the continental United States via United Parcel Service standard ground service unless otherwise specifically agreed to by buyer and seller.  Merchandise will be shipped to buyer directly after seller has securely received funds from buyer.

Russ Becker Woodwinds offers a 7-day trial period on instrument sales starting the day of delivery to the buyer.  In the event buyer is not satisfied with the instrument, buyer must obtain a return authorization number from seller and pay for return shipping to seller fully insured.

Merchandise must be received by seller in the same condition in which it was originally shipped.  A copy of the invoice with the return authorization number must accompany the shipment.  If such conditions are met,a refund of the sales price less a $20.00 restocking fee will be issued to the buyer.